why obedience training for puppies is important

Does your puppy exhibit fear or fearful behavior? Does your puppy show forms of aggression? Is your puppy overly submissive? Is your puppy ignoring you and your commands? Is your puppy not completely house trained? These are just a few of the questions that if answered yes to indicate the need of obedience training for puppies.
House training your puppy doesn’t have to be a messy, time consuming, difficult task. You can learn fairly quickly how to communicate with your puppy in a gentle, effective manner. You don’t have to deal with the problems of cleaning up smelly messes or replacing chewed up shoes. The more you delay in learning proper obedience training techniques, the more those little puppy mistakes will turn into difficult problems later.
Training your puppy is actually a very natural thing and you will see positive results fall into place in very little time. By using the right methods you will promote positive attributes in your puppy, such as a sound temperament and a well house trained companion.
By far, most puppy behavior problems result from mishandling or mis-communication. This, of course, isn’t intentional. The following are just a few obedience training mistakes that contribute to your puppy’s behavioral problems:
*Hitting your puppy to correct a mistake. *Using the word “no” followed by the puppy’s name *Using force to teach a command *Rubbing your puppy’s nose in its “mess” *Using a choke collar *Inconsistency
These are just a few of the many obedience training mistakes that will interfere with obtaining the expected behavior from your puppy. These misguided methods have been found to cause behavior problems in dogs and should be avoided.
It is much more difficult to deal with behavior problems of an older dog than it is to properly deal with these problems when it is a puppy. That’s why laying the proper foundation is so important. Problems can be prevented if your puppy is trained early on. This will make the lives of you and your puppy so much easier.
During the early learning stages of your puppy it is crucial to form a happy, loving relationship through gentle training. If you relate to your puppy properly obedience will come naturally. Gentle training sets the stage for your dog to love you and obey you.
One of the biggest setbacks in training your puppy is inconsistency. If you are not consistent, you will only confuse your puppy. Inconsistency makes boundaries unclear. You may think your puppy is just stupid or stubborn but it really just confused.
The biggest responsibility you have is to control the environment of your puppy in a calm, assertive manner. You must prevent normal, unwanted puppy behaviors from occurring in the early stages and teach those behaviors you do want. Once your puppy learns the habits of acceptable behavior it will become a trustworthy companion.

If your puppy is misbehaving or simply not learning desired behaviors then you may be overlooking subtle mistakes. These mistakes can be easily avoided if you know what to look for.
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